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5 Things People Should Know Before Going Natural

When you’re playing around with the idea of going natural there are a few things I notice people do. I’m guilty of this too, so this is a no judgement zone! LOL They get on Instagram and look at pics of Tracee Ellis Ross and they get on YouTube and look at videos of natural hair influencers, and they get on Pinterest and create natural hair boards that we swoon over. We get this idea of what being natural looks like. Then, we take that step and cut all our hair off, and we come home and look in the mirror and think…WTF did I do! Here are 5 things I wish I knew before going natural.

1. Your curls won’t necessarily be poppin right away

When I first cut my hair, I had so many different textures in my hair. On top of that, I had heat damage from wearing a sew-in and flat ironing my leave out. My initial thought process was to cut my hair and then get a sew-in. However, my stylist told me she didn’t think that was a good idea. She wanted me to leave my hair out, let it adjust to elements like the weather etc., and let my curls come in. She also suggested leaving my hair out so I can play with products. The beginning was rough, but if I hadn’t given my curls time to come in, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Don’t give up on your natural hair journey because your hair doesn’t look how you think it should right away.

2. Natural hair is not a cheaper option

I’ve heard a lot of people say, “I’m tired of paying for a sew-in, braids, etc. I’m just going to go natural.” No mam. Natural hair is not cheap. Stylists can charge 200+ just for a cut and wash and go. Then, because you do your hair frequently you buy products a lot more often. This stuff adds up. I use a mix of products. I have my lower end Target Products and mid-range Ulta and Sephora products. Don’t go natural because you think you can get away with some oil and eco-styler it doesn’t work like that.

3. Your hair changes with the seasons

What I use on my hair in the summer, may not work on my hair in the winter. Hair is like a relationship. You have to choose to work at it daily and figure out what it likes. In the summer I can get away with leave-in and gel. When it got cold outside, there was a period of time where I was trying out multiple products until I found what worked. In the winter I still use my leave in, but I use a heavier cream and still gel. I also have to deep condition more, which leads me to my next point.

4. When stylist say deep condition often…they mean it

I prefer wash and gos because I can make them work with my schedule. If I get off late and don’t feel like doing my hair at night, I will wake up and wash it in the morning and be on my way. So I skip deep conditioning sometimes because I have to carve out time to do it. As time goes on my hair turns to straight frizz. My hair will basically tell me it is time for a deep condition. If you stay on a deep conditioning routine you can avoid all the frizz and have poppin curls at all times. Don't be hard headed like me!

5. Everyone won't understand

When I first cut my hair I got so many questions that caught me off guard. When are you going to straighten it? Are you going to get your sew in back? Are you going to wear your hair to work like that? Everyone won't understand why you want to wear your hair natural, but this has been the biggest growth opportunity for me. Coming from someone who used to always care about what people thought, my natural hair forced me to not care. It forced me to realize if it makes me happy who cares what others have to say. It forced me to love me for me, and eliminate the people from my life that didn't.

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