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Serving you Sweet Tea!

With so many of us staying at home these days, it's important to keep your space calm and relaxing. I've teamed up with Sweet Tea Candle Company to send one of you a beautiful bag filled with 4 delightfully scented candles!

Sweet Tea Candle Company is located in Nolensville, TN a suburb of Nashville TN. These candles are hand poured, eco-friendly, and 100% soy! You can find these candles in over 50 locations throughout the Nashville area.

The company also offers candle making classes. This is a perfect activity for a fun girls night. Be on the lookout for these to start back after COVID-19! The owner Jennifer is just as sweet as the candles! Make sure you check out Sweet Tea Candle Company whenever you are in the area!

Some of my favorite scents include: Wild at Heart, Fruit Tea, and Cactus Flower

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