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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my hair and lifestyle! I’ve always wanted to help people and give back in some way, and for years now, I have been trying to figure out how to do just that. In August of 2018, I randomly decided to cut the rest of my relaxed ends off and go natural. From there I believe I really came into my own, and started to be completely and unapologetically me. I didn't realize until I cut my hair that natural hair is more than just hair, and there is a community of women trying to advocate and figure out this "natural hair thing" on the daily.

I decided to create workitcurl because I received a lot of questions not only about what I was doing to my hair, but also about working in corporate with natural hair, dating with my natural hair, etc. I realized there is a shift taking place in the world and the workplace. The corporate culture that pushed our mother’s to not dare walk in the office without straight hair has changed. I aim to help black women of all ages bring their authentic selves to work.

On top of all the questions dealing with my hair, I receive a lot of questions about life after college. I’ve been working almost three years now and I’ve learned so much (and I’m still learning). The first year after college was definitely the hardest. Life as you know it literally changes overnight, and I truly empathize with people going through this season in life.

So welcome to! I hope that you find something here that inspires you and that you leave with something to help you in your daily life. What started as me just cutting my hair, has turned into a passion. If I can help in anyway please reach out! IG: @workitcurl Youtube: WorkitCurl

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