What natural hair products would you suggest for someone starting their natural hair journey?

When starting your natural hair journey, I always suggest the Curls Blueberry Bliss line or Mielle Organics products because they aren't super pricey. I've found when people are just starting out they spend a lot of money trying out different products, and some of the higher products don't come in a large size. Until you are fully committed to the natural hair life, and know what your hair responds well to, I don't recommend spending a lot of money. Curls and Mielle tend to work on a variety of different hair textures and are quality starter products (found at Target). Once I figured out my hair routine and my curls started to come in, I started using higher end products. I've started to consistently use Curlsmith products I LOVE their orange line for moisture (found at Ulta). When I say I am in love with this product you have no idea. I also occasionally use the curl charisma line from Briogeo (found at Sephora), plus it is #blackowned!

How are you maintaining your hair during quarantine?

At the beginning of quarantine I was following my normal hair routine, but it started not to make total sense to keep rewashing my hair and I wasn't going anywhere. I started playing around with protective styles. I tried a 3 strand twist, and left my hair in the twists for a week or so. The twists pulled back or in a bun were actually pretty cute! When I was ready to take them down my hair was bomb I can't lie. I also tried knotless braids for the first time. Check out how I style them here. I think this is a great time to give our hair a break. I love my curls and am super attached to them, but just think how amazing they will look when we come out of quarantine if we leave them alone to get healthy!

What do you do for work?

I get this question a lot! I graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Management Information Systems. I work for a Fortune 10 telecommunications company as an IT Project Manager supporting a sales organization. I work closely with one of our college hire programs to pilot sales tools, and if it goes successfully, I roll them out to the organization as a whole. I can honestly say I love my job. It wasn't always like this, and I can tell that story more one day! If you are fresh out of college, I encourage you not to give up on a company right away if you aren't in a role you love.

How do you workout with your natural hair?

Let me tell you, I sweat in my hair BAD! If I can workout with my natural hair, I promise you can too. I typically wear my hair in a loose pineapple when i work out. I use a knee high stocking to put it up, and that's it! After my workout I immediately take it down so that it doesn't dry in that style, if I am planning to wear my hair down that day. I put my bonnet on, get dressed, take a shower, do my makeup, then I come back to my hair. I fluff my hair out just as I would my 2nd day wash and go.

Are you a hair blogger or fashion blogger?

Honestly, I'm responding to my audience. I'm really enjoying playing around and seeing what you guys like most. I started out thinking I would focus solely on natural hair, but my audience is reacting positively to my fashion posts too. I think I am both, plus more. I hope to share many different aspects of my life. I can be a corporate woman, a fashionista, a lifestyle blogger, all while wearing my natural hair!